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in the final seconds. it was astounding they even needed that, but they won. san francisco travels to atlanta for the nfc championship game. then baltimore visits new england for the afc title. after that, it's new orleans for super bo super bowl xlvii. let's get right to poppy harlow for the business news. >> we can't all be tom brady. i'm poppy harlow in for christine romans. >>> dow futured up just slightly. s&p and nasdaq down slightly. trading is expected to be pretty light today with big corporate earnings coming up later in the week. the big focus is going to be on the big banks. jp morgan chase, goldman sachs reporting numbers on wednesday. bank of america and citigroup will come out with theirs on thursday and then mar goorgan sy on friday. >>> the car of the year just announced, the cadillac ats. a first for cadillac winning this important award. and the truck of the year is chrysler's ram 1500, which also won the motor trend truck of the year as well. >>> the treasury department said over the weekend, squashing all the rumors saying it's not going to mint a trillion dollar platinum
of killing polly is on death row, it's a story i reported in san francisco so i've known marc klaas a long time. sometimes i hear these stories. the newest one, a little girl 5 years old, it seems like every rule was broken in school policy. no, the woman didn't have to show i.d. when she went to the main office, she just was able to get her daughter 45 minutes after classes started and walk out. it made no sense on so many levels. i guess after all the news about all the abductions that we have covered over all these years, how -- how can we protect kids from this exact thing? it's horrific. >> well, soledad, you're absolutely correct about the breakdown in policy. she was supposed to go to the principal's office. she was supposed to show i.d. they were supposed to physically i.d. her. and then escort the child to the office so that the principal could make sure everything was copacetic before they left. that entire thing broke down. i think that the secretary, whoever allowed her to do that, and the teacher both need to face disciplinary action. we have to have these policies in place, a
oddsmakers that san francisco 49ers should beat the baltimore ravens by four points in the super bowl. the over/under, both teams are expected to score a combined 49 points. >>> presidential photo bomb, former "idol" winner kelly clarkson was there to sing "my country 'tis of thee" and look who popped out from a couple rows back, let that sink in for a moment. you can imagine the caption contest going on right now on the internet. >>> it looks like sasha obama is not impressed, not with her father's speech. she was spotted yawning during the inaugural, and that sent off a flurry of tweets, that is some yawn. there's also a cute moment on sunday after her father's official swearing in, she congratulated him with a smile and picked up on the microphone saying "good job, dad, you did not mess up." >>> still ahead, me grew up in the prongs and made it to the supreme court but not without making lots of sacrifices. i talked with justice sotomayor about the decisions that helped her get where she is today. >>> a boulder crashes through a woman's bedroom, a very large boulder, she was still
seating for up to eight. imagine that. >>> while you were sleeping, the san francisco 49ers arrived in new orleans ahead of the big game on sunday. the baltimore ravens will be arriving today. >>> if you love watching the super bowl for the commercials, like me, volkswagen is responsible for some of the most memorable super bowl ads over the last couple of years, like 2011's the force, which featured this little kid, little darth vader, hilarious. ♪ this one. that was about the dog that had dreams of chasing a car. so it worked out so get in shape. this morning we have an exclusive sneak peek at volkswagen's new ad from the super bowl. this year joining us from volkswagen's headquarters is the chief marketing officer tim mahoney. nice to have you with us. i want to start by revealing the ad. this is exclusive to us. drum roll please, somebody, anybody. here it goes. super bowl ad right here. >> i hate mondays. >> yeah, they're the worst. >> no worry, man. everything will be all right. yeah, man. don't fret, me brother. sticky bun comes soon. yeah, wicked coffee, mr. james. julia, turn th
, against jim harbaugh coaching the san francisco 49ers. both teams have touched down. when they got here first, he at the podium, very stone faced. happy to be here, stone faced here to win the game. what we'll do on gridiron. john harbaugh, when he hit the podium, he says we're happy to be here, having a good time. so obviously the older brother, john harbaugh, the more laid back one. never had to talk about the parents' press conference at any super bowl in the past, but we have that this year. coming up tomorrow, jack and jackie harbaugh, the parents of john and jim, married for 51 years, will have their own press conference so we can fin out where they are watching the game, who they are rooting for, who they are rooting against, how do they hanel having both sons in the big game? all of the questions answered tomorrow during their press conference. and on friday, the harbaugh brothers will have a joint press conference. >> i'm telling you right now, if i were one of the parents, i would be wearing a big hat, hiding behind a big foam one. the cameras will be on their faces the whole
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)